The Way You Look at Me (2017 - )

The Way You Look at Me reflects upon notions of personal identity, gender expression, and performativity through the lens of contemporary and historical queer vernacular. Utilizing my partner as a conduit for vulnerability and desire, I construct self portraits and still lifes that allude to personal narratives from my upbringing. These experiences conditioned me to conceal my queerness in fear of being rejected by my family. Through this, my work investigates and challenges traditional representations and perceptions of queer men and how those perceptions influence the way one looks at another or the way we look at ourselves. Juxtaposing images of my partner and myself, I begin to question the nature of personal identity within intimate relationships and how representation can change with cultural or personal expectations. Implementing shifting gaze and point-of-view, I call the audience to embody my relationship thus my own narrative, resulting overall in an empathetic experience that is tenderly unique.

Slim Non-Masc Faggot Bundles Faggots (2018)

Slim Non-Masc Faggot Bundles Faggots is a performance video that appropriates public profile information from mens’ Grindr accounts in the form of recorded audio voice-over. As someone who used the app frequently until I met my partner via Tinder, I am interested in the diminishing qualities the app can possess for someone looking for love. Through the bundling of sticks - which results in a faggot - I question the word used to describe people and objects, its etymology and evolution through history, as well as its weight within contemporary culture. By making bundles that essentially amount to nothing - the pile does not grow nor does it shrink - I beg for change within the dating world that is Grindr.

With an average of 3.8 million daily users, Grindr is the largest geo-social dating app catering to gay and bisexual men around the world. Grindr is a certified Transgender-Inclusive Business that inspires to create a safe space for their innovators, leaders, and workers at large. On the contrary, many of Grindr’s users possess a thorough history of anti-trans language, sexism, ageism, sexual racism, and toxic masculinity.